Worcester Clipping File_C

C.C.A. Cigar Factory 
CC Lowell
CETA continued as Job Training Partnership Act. 
CIBA Vision Corp. 
CPC Engineering Corp. 
C & S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. 
CV Tools
Cadet Laboratories, Inc. 
Cadrin & Sons 
Cains Food Inc. 
Caldor, Inc. 
Callan Respite House - see Worcester Area Association for Retarded Children 
Calliope Productions 
Calvary Church - see South Calvary Church
Calvary Evangelistic Center (Calvary Temple) 
Calvary Temple 
Cambridge Bioscience Corp. 
Cambridge Biotech Corp. 
Henry J. Camosse & Sons 
Camp Fire Council 
Camp Joy 
Camping (in general, family, campgrounds, etc.) 
Camps (children's camps) 
Canada Dry Bottling Co. of Worcester, Inc. 
Canal District 
Canals - see also Blackstone Canal 
Candle Lighters, Central Massachusetts Chapter 
Candy making
Canoes and canoeing 
Capitol Slipper Co.
Capitol Toy Distributors 
Caravan Coffee Co., Inc. 
Carbolan Co. (Sterling) 
Carbonneau's Shoes 
Cardio Data (Marlboro) 
Career Education 
Career Educational Training Center - see Vocational Schools 
Career Opportunity Program 
Carleton Machine Tool Corp. 
Carleton Woolen Mills, Inc. (Leicester) 
Carling Turbine Blower
Carlson Lumber Co. 
Carrington Co. (Leominster)
Carroll Enterprises, Inc. 
Carroll Pressed Metal, Inc. 
CASA (Court appointed and special advocate project) 
M.J. Casa Co. 
Case Pharmaceutical Corp. 
Casella Waste Management
Casey at the Bat – see Biography, Thayer, E.L.
N.D. Cass Co. (Athol) 
Castion Corp.
Casual Male 
Caswell King Co. 
Casey at the Bat - see Biography, Thayer, E.L. 
Catacombs - see Underground Railroad 
Cathedral Players 
Catholic Charities 
Catholic Churches 
- Ascension 
- Blessed Sacrament 
- Christ the King 
- Holy Name of Jesus 
- Immaculate Conception 
- Notre Dame 
- Our Lady of Czestochowa 
- Our Lady of Fatima 
- Our Lady of Loreto 
- Our Lady of Lourdes 
- Our Lady of Mercy 
- Our Lady of Mount Carmel 
- Our Lady of Perpetual Help 
- Our Lady of the Angels 
- Our Lady of the Rosary 
- Our Lady of Vilna 
- Sacred Heart 
- St. Andrew the Apostle 
- St. Ann's 
- St. Anthony's 
- St. Bernard's 
- St. Casimir's 
- St. Catherine of Sweden 
- St. Charles Borromeo 
- St. Christopher 
- St. George 
- St. Joan of Arc 
- St. John's 
- St. Joseph's 
- St. Margaret Mary 
- St. Mary's  (missing 2/1/2017)
- St. Paul's Cathedral 
- St. Peter's 
- St. Stephen's 
Catholic Free Press 
Catholic Hospitals - see Hospitals - History 
Catholic Schools (in general) 
Catholic Schools 
- Ascension High 
- Assumption Prep 
- Blessed Sacrament 
- Holy Name of Jesus 
- Marian High 
- Notre Dame Academy 
- Our Lady of Angels 
- Our Lady of Mercy - see Mercy Center for Developmental Disabilities 
- Sacred Heart Academy 
- St. John's 
- St. Joseph's 
- St. Mary's 
- St. Paul's 
- St. Peter's Elementary 
- St. Peter's High 
- St. Peter Marian 
- St. Stephen's 
- Venerini Academy 
Catholic Woman of the Year 
Catholic Workers 
Catholic Youth Council 
Cattle Shows 
Cecily G.
Cellco Manufacturing Co. 
Celluplastics (Fitchburg) 
Celtic Cross - see Monuments 
Centech Corp. (Shrewsbury)
Center for Applied Fiberoptic Application
Center for Business Information
Center for Community Studies (Clark) - see Community Studies 
Center for Entrepreneurial Management 
Center for Living and Working 
Center For Nonviolent Solutions
Center for Performing Arts
Center for School Business Initiatives 
Center for Technology Commercialization 
Center for the Study of Human Rights
Central Coating Co. 
Central Massachusetts Association for Mental Health, Inc. 
Central Massachusetts Baseball Association 
Central Massachusetts Convention and Visitors Bureau
Central Massachusetts Economic Development Authority 
Central Massachusetts Employers Association 
Central Massachusetts Family Planning Council 
Central Massachusetts Gaskart Club 
Central Massachusetts Health Care Foundation (PSRO) 
Central Massachusetts Health Care Inc.  (missing 2/1/2017)
Central Massachusetts Health Systems Agency 
Central Massachusetts Lung Association 
Central Massachusetts Magnetic Imaging Center 
Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission 
Central Massachusetts Safe Energy Project 
Central New England College
Central Supply Co. 
Central Tool Co. 
Centro Las Americas - see Spanish Community Center
Centrum - See Civic Center 
Century Electronics
Ceramic Process Systems 
Cerebral Palsy - see also United Cerebral Palsy Association Of Worcester, Inc. Altheia Grotto 
Cerebral Palsy School Clinic 
Chafee Brothers (Oxford) 
Chamber of Commerce - see Worcester Area Chamber of Commerce 
Championship Management Corp. (Webster) 
Chand Associates (includes Chand Kare) 
Chandler Street Center 
Change Ringing 
Channing House 
Chapin & O'Brien 
Chapter 622 - see Sports Equal Opportunity 
Charamella Design Inc. 
Charles Chevrolet 
Charles Kay 
Charles River Lab
Charlton Co. (Leominster) 
Charlton Woolen Co. 
Charter - see also Municipal Govt. Plan E. 
Charter Commission 
Charter Commission (County)  
Charter Schools 
Chartered Underwriters, Worcester Chapter 
Chase Paper Co. 
Chase Precast Corp (North Brookfield) 
Chase Safety Service, Inc. (Shrewsbury) 
Doc Chauvin Inc. 
Chem Design Corp. (Fitchburg) 
Chem-X Corp. 
Chestnut Place 
Chestnut Renewal Corp. 
Chevalier Furniture Co. 
Child Abuse 
Child Abuse - Clergy 
Child Guidance Association of Worcester, Inc. 
Child Guidance Center - see Youth Guidance Center 
Childbirth Education Association of Central Massachusetts, Inc. 
Children, Activities for 
Children's Friend Society 
Children's Fund Players 
Children's Museum 
Children's Theater 
Child’s Wish Come True
Chimney Sweeping 
China Animal Husbandry Co.
Chipcom Corp. (Southern) 
Chisholm Industries - see Harrington & Richardson 
Choose Worcester
Christadelphian Church 
Christian Coalition
Christian Missionary Alliance Church
Christian Science Church
Christian Women's Club 
Christie and Thompson, Inc. 
Christopher House - see also Belmont Home 
Christy Chemical Corp. (missing 2/1/2017)
Chromalloy American Corp. - see also Standard Foundry Co. 
Church clubs (Catholic) 
Church clubs (Orthodox) 
Church clubs (Protestant) 
Church of Bible Understanding 
Church of Christ - see Disciples of Christ, First Christian Church 
Church of God 
Church of God Mt. Sinai 
Church of God Pentecostal 
Church of the Nazarene 
Cider Mill Farms
Cisco Systems
Citizen Complaint Office (Ombudsman) 
Citizens Band Radio (CB) 
Citizens for Participation in Political Action, Worcester Area Chapter 
Citizens Plan E Association 
Citizens Resource Center 
Citizens Taxpayers Association 
Citizens Upholding Responsible Education (CURE) 
City and Town Clerks Association 
City as landlord - see Municipal Real Property (except public housing) 
City Builders Supply Co. 
City Clerk 
City Council 
City Flower 
City Hall 
City Hospital 
City Hospital and Belmont Hospital (missing 2/1/2017)
City Hospital School of Nursing 
City Key 
City Manager 
City Messenger 
City Planning 
City Planning - East Central 
City Planning - Elm Park 
City Planning - Salem Street 
City Seal 
City Slitting and Manufacturing Co. 
City Solicitor 
City Song 
City Works - see Peace Corps., Vista, etc. 
Civic Center - see also Convention Center 
Civic Center Commission 
Civic Music Association - see Community Concert Association 
Civigenics Inc.
Civil Air Patrol 
Civil Defense Department 
Civil Disobedience - see Protest Groups, Military Service 
Civil Rights - see Human Rights 
Civil Rights Movement 
Civil Service 
Civil War 
Civilian Conservation Corps. 
Civilian Defense 
Civitan Club 
Claflin-Sumner Co. 
Claremont Academy
Clark Associates 
David Clark Co. 
George H. Clark Co. 
Clark University 
Classic Car Corp. 
Clean City Committee 
Cleanup Campaigns
Clear Weave Store 
Clergy and Laity Concerned 
Clergymen's Associations 
Clinton Corp. (missing 2/1/2017)
Clinton Plastics, Inc. 
Clinton Stove Co. 
Clover Knit, Inc. 
Clubs (in general) 
Coal Mine - see Mines and mineral resources 
Coalition on Human Dignity 
Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 
Code Inspection Dept. 
Coes Knife Co. 
Coes Pond 
Coffee houses 
Coffee Kingdom 
Coghlin Electric Co. 
Coghlin Furniture Co. 
Coherent General (Sturbridge) 
Collaborative Marketing 
Collective Bargaining (city) 
Collective Bargaining (city) - Teachers - see also Educ. Assoc. of Worcester 
College Hill Civic Association 
Colleges - see names of institutions; Un. And colleges (in general) 
Colonial Press, Inc. 
Colony Press 
Color Span Corp. 
Columbia Farms Inc.
Columbia Tech
Combined Health Appeal of Central Massachusetts 
Come Alive Program - see also Child Abuse Clergy 
Come Play Products 
Comerford-Audet Co. 
Comfort Slipper Co. (Fitchburg) 
Comlink Inc. 
Commerce Bank and Trust Co. 
Commerce Insurance (Webster) 
Commercial Stamp Co. 
Commission on Elder Affairs 
Committee on Business Information 
Committee on Political Education (COPE) 
Committee on the Status of Women 
Common Outlets - See Worcester Center 
Commonwealth Baking Co. 
Commonwealth Bioventures Inc. 
Commonwealth Gas Co. 
Commonwealth National bank
Commonwealth Press 
Commonwealth Service Corps. 
Commonwealth Spring Co. 
Commonwealth Stationers 
Communications Systems (City) 
Communist Party 
Community Action Council 
 Community Aftercare 
Community Concert Association 
Community Development Corp. 
Community Healthlink - see Worcester Area Community Mental Health Center 
Community Sailing Program 
Community Services of Greater Worcester - see also United Way of Central Massachusetts 
Community Treatment Complex 
Comp Inc. 
Compaq Computer Co.
Compassionate Friends 
Comprehensive Health Planning Council of Central Massachusetts 
Computer Center 
Computer Clubs 
Computer Industry and Services 
Computer Packages Unlimited 
Computer Security Institute 
Computer Services (City) 
Concentric Data Service 
Concord Communications 
Concord Foundry, Inc. 
Concord Wire Co.
Congregational Churches (in general) 
Congregational Churches 
- Adams Square 
- Bethany - see also Bethany Christian United Parish 
- Central 
- Chestnut Street 
- First 
- First - Old South 
- Hadwen Park 
- Hope 
- Lake View 
- Park 
- Piedmont (missing 2/1/2017)
- Pilgrim 
- Raymond Memorial 
- Salem Square 
- Tatnuck
- United Congregational 
Congressional Districts - see Election districts 
Conifer Group - see Guaranty Bank & Trust Co. 
Conservation (Nature) 
Conservation Commission 
Consolidated Beverages, Inc. 
Consumer Counseling 
Consumer Credit Association of Worcester 
Consumer Protection 
Consumer Savings Bank
Consumer Value Store (CVS) 
Continental Consolidated Inc. 
Controlonics Corp.
Convention Center 
Conversent Communications
Cooke Optical (North Brookfield) 
Cookson & Co. 
Cookson Performance Plastics 
Cook's Canyon - see Barre 
Cooney Cable Associates
COPE - see Committee on Political Education 
Coppus Engineering Co. 
CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) 
Cornell - Dublier Electrical Corp. 
Coronet, Inc. 
Correctional Change Group ( missing2/1/2017)
Cosmos Enterprizes 
Cost and standard of living 
Costco Wholesale Corp.
Cott Corp. 
Cottage Donuts
Cotter's Harness & Sadlery Shop 
Al Cotton Communications Inc. 
Bennie Cotton, Inc. 
J. Cougler Inc. 
Council for Constitutional Reform 
Council on Aging - see Commission on Elder Affairs 
Coughlin Furniture Co.( missing2/1/2017)
Country Candle Co
Country Clubs 
Country Squire International 
County (In general) 
County Hospital - see Worcester County Hospital 
County House of Correction 
County Seal 
Court Clerks Association 
Courts - see also Juvenile courts; U.S. Bankruptcy Court; U.S. District Court 
Courts - Officers and Judges 
Covenant Churches 
- Bethlehem 
- Salem 
Covered bridges - see Bridges 
James Cowan and Sons 
Cow's Farm 
Coz Chemical Corp. (Northbridge) 
Craft Center 
Crandell's Boat House 
Cranska Thread Co. 
Cranston Print Works Co. (Webster) 
Creative Packaging Inc. 
Credit Bureau of Greater Worcester (missing 2/1/2017)
Credit Bureaus 
Credit Unions 
Credit Women International Worcester Chapter 
Credit Women's Business Club, Worcester Chapter 
Cribbage Club 
Crime (in general) 
- Arson 
-Assault and battery
- Bombs 
- Car Theft 
- Drugs - see Drugs; Drug Abuse 
- Guns & Gun Law - see Firearms 
- Homicide 
- Kidnapping 
- Rape 
- Robberies and Thefts 
-Sex Offenders
- Statistics 
Crime Fraud
Criminal Justice Planning Office 
Crisis Center 
Cristy Chemical Corp. 
Critical Care America - see also New England Critical Care 
Crocker, Burbank Co. (Fitchburg) 
Crompton and Knowles Corp.
Crompton Collective (this is a new heading but there is no folder in cabinets)
CROP Walk for Hunger 
E.J. Cross Inc. 
S.R. Cross Pattern Shop
CrossCom Corp. 
Crown Baking
Crown Hill 
Crozier House 
Crusible Steel Co. (Auburn) 
Crusade for Freedom 
Csx Railroad 
Cubans - see also Spanish Speaking 
Cultural Assembly of Great Worcester 
Cultural Commission 
Culver Stearns Manufacturing Co.
Cumberland Farms 
Cunningham Coffee Co. 
Cure's Furniture 
Curling Clubs 
Curry Copy Centers 
Curtis and Marble Machine Co. 
Curtis Pond 
Curtis Tractor Cab Co. 
Custom Casting Co. (West Warren
Custom Coating & Laminating Corp. ) 
Custom Valves and Control Corp. 
Cutler Associates 
B.H. Cutler Co.

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