Worcester Clipping File_W

W.A.S.A. International LTD.
W & B Industries
WRTA - see Worcester Regional Transit Authority 
W & B Footwear Co.
W.E. Aubochon Inc.
W.W. Bartlett & Sons
Wachusett Area Coalition
Wachusett Corrugated Corp. 
Wachusett Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary 
Wachusett Molding Corp. 
Wachusett Mountain 
Wachusett Potato Chip Co.
Wachusett Valley (missing 2/2017)
Wain Roy Corp. (Hubbardston) 
Waite Hardware Co. 
Walberg & Auge 
Walden Book Store 
Walgreen Drug Co. 
O.S. Walker Co. 
Wallpaper Factory Outlet (Auburn) 
Walters Communications
Wanderlust Motor Homes 
War, Middle East 
War Mothers and Wives
War of 1812 
Ward Schools 
Ward, Precincts - see Election Districts 
Ware Pratt Co. 
Ware Savings Bank 
Warner-Lambert Co. - see American Optical 
Warner & Swasey Co. 
Warren & Bigelow Electric Co. 
Warren Belting Co. 
J. J. Warren Hatchery (North Brookfield) 
Warren Jewelers 
Warren Leather Goods Co. 
Warren Pumps 
Warren Shade Co. 
Wars - see Specific Names 
Washburn CO. 
Washburn-Garfield Co. 
Washburn Place (missing 2/2017)
Washington Club 
Washington Press of Worcester, Inc. 
Washington Square 
Waste Disposal - see Refuse & Refuse Disposal; Sewers and Sewage; 
Upper Blackstone Water Pollution Abatement District 
Water Chromatography Div
Water Pollution 
Water Quality 
Water Skiing 
Water Street 
Water Supply - see also Reservoirs 
Water Supply (County) 
Waters Associates (Milford) - see Waters Chromatography Div. (Milford) 
Waters Equipment Co. (Marlboro) 
Waters Technology Corp.
Watson-Williams Manufacturing Co. (Millbury) 
Waucantuck Mills, Inc. (Uxbridge) 
WAVE, Inc. 
Weapons - see also Firearms 
Weather - see also Weather notebooks Worcester Room, 551.5 
Weather Station 
Weavers Guild of Worcester 
Webber Lumber & Supply Co. 
Webco Chemical Corp. (Dudley) 
Webster Hydroelectric Co.
Webster Lens Co. (Webster) 
Webster Square 
Webster Square Merchants Assn. 
Weetabix Co. (Clinton) formerly Van Brode Cereal Co. 
Weights and Measures, Sealer of 
Welcome Wagon Hostess
Wells Fargo 
Welfare Board - see Public Welfare 
George A. Wells Assn. 
J.S. Wesby & Sons, Inc. 
Wescor Parking Systems Corp. 
Wesley Ltd. 
West Boylston 
West Boylston - Old Stone Church 
West Brookfield 
West End Thread Co. (Uxbridge) 
West Side Pharmacy 
Westarknit Factory Retail Store (missing 2/2017)
Westborough State Hospital 
Westerman Store Equipment Inc.
Western Sealant of Mass. (Rutland) 
Western Union 
Westland Perpetual Trust, Inc. (missing 2/2017)
Weston Geophysical of Westboro 
Westwood Family Dental Center 
Weyerhouser Co. (Fitchburg) 
Whalom Park - see Lunenburg 
L.B. Wheaton, Inc. 
Wheelock Printing Co. 
White & Bagley Co. 
White City 
R.H. White Construction Co. 
R.H. White's 
Paul Whitin Corp.
Whitin Machine Works (Whitinsville) 
Whiting Milk Co. 
Whitinsville - see Northbridge 
George C. Whitney Manufacturing Co. 
Whitney Reed Co. (Leominster) 
M.J. Whittal Associates 
Whittemore Co.
Whitten Corp. 
Wholesale Stores 
Why Me Inc. 
Wian Club 
Wickwire Spencer Streel Co. 
Widoff's Modern Bakery 
Widows' and Widowers' Clubs 
George Wiegert Co. 
Wilbar's Shoe Store 
Wild West Shows
Wildmann Corp. (Gardner) 
Wiley & Whitney Corp. 
Wiley Bickford Sweet Corp. 
Willard House Clock Museum 
Williams & Bridges 
Henry Lee Willis Community Center 
Wilson Language Training
Winchendon Dress Co. 
Wind Power 
Windle Boat Co. (Millbury) 
Wine Consultants of Worcester 
S.G. Winer & Co. 
Wine Nation
Wire Industry 
Wirecraft Products, Inc. (West Brookfield) 
Wirefab, Inc. 
Wish Come True - see Child's Wish Come True 
Wishing Well Store 
Witchcraft - see Occult 
Wittenagmot Club 
Wolf Coach Co. 
Women Christian Temperance Union
Women - Equal Rights (missing 2/2017)
Women in Sales 
Women's Bookstore 
Women's Christian Temperance Union 
Women's Clubs - see also Worcester Woman's Club 
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom 
Women's Republican Club of Worcester County 
Wood Products 
Woodbury and Co. Inc.
Woodis Industrial Supply Corp. 
F. W. Woolworth Co. (missing 2/2017)
Worcester (in general) 
Worcester (other cities)
Worcester - Then and Now
Worcester - Year in Review 
Worcester Academy 
Worcester and Shrewsbury Railroad 
Worcester Animal Rescue League 
Worcester Aquarium Club 
Worcester Area Association for the Education of Young Children 
Worcester Area Association for Retarded Children 
Worcester Area Chamber of Commerce 
Worcester Area Committee for the United Nations 
Worcester Area Community Mental Health Center 
Worcester Area Cooperating Libraries 
Worcester Area Diabetic Association 
Worcester Area Drug Coalition
Worcester Area Mental Health Association 
Worcester Area New Car Dealers Association 
Worcester Area Pilots Association 
Worcester Area Systems for Affordable Health Care (missing 2/2017)
Worcester Area Private Industry Council
Worcester Artisans, Inc. 
Worcester Artists-Banx, A.I.
Worcester Artists-Manchester, E.
Worcester Automatic Machine Co. 
Worcester Aviation Corp. 
Worcester Awning Co. 
Worcester Baking Co. 
Worcester Bancorp, Inc. – see also  Worcester County National Bank 
Worcester Bedding Co. 
Worcester Board of Insurance Underwriting 
Worcester Board of Realtors 
Worcester Brigade Band
Worcester Braiding Co. 
Worcester Brush Co. 
Worcester Buick Co.
Worcester Building & Construction Trade Council 
Worcester Budget
Worcester Bus Co. 
Worcester Business and Professional Woman's Club 
Worcester Business Development Corp. 
Worcester Business Machines Inc. 
Worcester Center – see also CitySquare
Worcester Center Youth Council (missing 2/2017)
Worcester Central Corp. (missing 2/2017)
Worcester Clown Club 
Worcester Club 
Worcester Collection Bureau 
Worcester Commercial Travelers Assn. 
Worcester Committee for Education on Alcoholism 
Worcester Common Fashion Outlet - see Worcester Center 
Worcester Common Ground 
Worcester Community Concerts Assn. 
Worcester Community Council - see Community Services of Greater Worcester 
Worcester Community Development Corp. 
Worcester Community Housing Resource 
Worcester Community Loan Fund (missing 2/2017)
Worcester Community School of the Performing Arts - see Performing Arts School 
Worcester Community Television Council
Worcester Concert Choir
Worcester Connection 
Worcester Consortium for Higher Education 
Worcester Consumer Advisory Committee 
Worcester Consumer Insulation Club 
Worcester Continentals 
Worcester Controls Corp. 
Worcester Cooperation Council, Inc. 
Worcester Corrugated Box Co. (Webster) 
Worcester Cosmetologist Association
Worcester Council Against Discrimination 
Worcester Council for Children's Reading 
Worcester Council of Parents' Groups 
Worcester County Action Council (missing 2/2017)
Worcester County Advisory Board 
Worcester County Assessors Association
Worcester County Assn. For the Blind, Inc. 
Worcester County Assn. Of Credit Men 
Worcester County Assn. Of Television Technicians (missing 2/2017)
Worcester County Bar Assn. 
Worcester County Beano Operations Assn. 
Worcester County Beekeepers Assn. 
Worcester County Builders Assn. - see Builders Assn. Of Central Mass. 
Worcester County Clerk 
Worcester County Club of Printing House Craftsmen 
Worcester County Collectors and Treasurers Assn. 
Worcester County Convention and Visitors Bureau 
Worcester County Council on Alcoholism - see also Alcoholism (missing 2/2017)
Worcester County Druggists Assn. 
Worcester County Ecumenical Council 
Worcester County Educational Association
Worcester County Editors Council 
Worcester County Electric Co. 
Worcester County Electric League 
Worcester County Executive Assn. 
Worcester County Extension Service 
Worcester County Farm Bureau 
Worcester County Fish and Game Assn. 
Worcester County Food Bank
Worcester County Fraudulent Check Assn. 
Worcester County Harvest Club 
Worcester County Health Assn. - see also Tuberculosis 
Worcester County Hearing and Speech Center, Inc. - see also Deaf 
Worcester County Home Economics Assn. 
Worcester County Horticultural Society 
Worcester County Hospital 
Worcester County House of Correction - See County House of Correction 
Worcester County Indian Council 
Worcester County Institution for Savings 
Worcester County Jail - see County House of Correction 
Worcester County Literary Council & Literacy Volunteers Inc.
Worcester County Light Opera Club 
Worcester County Mathematics League 
Worcester County Mechanics Assns. 
Worcester County Metal Trades Assns. 
Worcester County Music Assn. 
Worcester County National Bank - see also Worcester Bancorp; Shawmut Worcester National Bank 
Worcester County Poetry Assn. 
Worcester County Power Squadron 
Worcester County Public Relations Assn. 
Worcester County Purchasing Agents Club (missing 2/2017)
Worcester County Rabbit Breeders Assn. 
Worcester County Real Estate Brokers Assn. 
Worcester County Refrigeration, Inc. 
Worcester County Republican Club
Worcester County Safety Officers Assn. 
Worcester County Scale Modelers Assn. 
Worcester County Selectmen's Assn. 
Worcester County Sheep Producers Assn. 
Worcester County Teachers Association
Worcester County Trails Committee 
Worcester County Training School 
Worcester County Trust Co. - see also Worcester County National Bank 
Worcester County Veterans Agents Association
Worcester County Veterinary Medical Assn. (missing 2/2017)
Worcester County Women's Republican Club (missing 2/2017)
Worcester Credit Bureau, Inc. 
Worcester (Cruiser) (missing 2/2017)
Worcester Die & Tool Co. 
Worcester Die Casting Co. 
Worcester Disasters
Worcester District Bureau of Economics, Inc. (missing 2/2017)
Worcester District Dental Society 
Worcester District Medical Bureau of Economics, Inc. 
Worcester District Medical Society 
Worcester District Nursing Society - see also Visiting Nurse Assn. Of Worcester 
Worcester Economic Club 
Worcester Employment Society, Inc. 
Worcester Energy Conservation Project 
Worcester Engineering & Machine Co. 
Worcester Engineering Society 
Worcester, England 
Worcester Engraving Co. 
Worcester Envelope Co. 
Worcester Episcopal Housing Corp.
Worcester Excursion Car Co. (missing 2/2017)
Worcester Executives Assn. 
Worcester Export Development Co. 
Worcester Fair Share (missing 2/2017)
Worcester Fights Back 
Worcester Film Corp. 
Worcester Fire Society
Worcester Firefighters Assn. 
Worcester Five Cents Savings Bank 
Worcester Forged Steel Valve Co., Inc. 
Worcester Forum for the Study of Values 
Worcester Forum Theater Ensemble 
Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology 
Worcester Foundry Co. 
Worcester Fresh Air Funds, Inc. 
Worcester Frogmen, Inc. 
Worcester Gas Light Co. 
Worcester Gear Co. 
Worcester Greater Downtown Youth Council 
Worcester Group, Inc. 
Worcester Headwear Co., Inc.
Worcester Health Arts Center 
Worcester Herb Club 
Worcester Heritage/Preservation Society 
Worcester Historical Museum 
Worcester Homing Pigeon Club 
Worcester Housing Authority 
Worcester Housing Development Corp. 
Worcester in Literature 
Worcester Inner Peace Movement 
Worcester Insurance  - see Worcester Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; Worcester Mutual Insurance Co; Insurance Companies 
Worcester Insurance Society 
Worcester Interfaith 
Worcester Inter Racial Council (missing 2/2017)
Worcester Junior College - see Central New England College 
Worcester Kiltie Band
Worcester Knitting Co. 
Worcester Labor Coop 
Worcester Labor Council
Worcester Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Worcester Life Underwriters Assn. 
Worcester Lunch Car Co. 
Worcester Magazine 
Worcester Manpower Consortium 
Worcester Manufacturing Co. 
Worcester Mechanics Savings Bank
Worcester Medical Supply, Inc. 
Worcester Market - see Brockleman Bros.; Mass. Registry of Motor Vehicles 
Worcester Men’s Resource Center
Worcester Metropolitan Area Council 
Worcester Milk Dealers Council 
Worcester Mineral Club 
Worcester Model Railroaders 
Worcester Model Yacht Club 
Worcester Motors, Inc. 
Worcester Moulded Plastics Co. 
Worcester Municipal Research Bureau 
Worcester Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 
Worcester Mutual Insurance Co. 
Worcester Natural History Society 
Worcester Oar & Paddle Co. 
Worcester Oxy-Acetylene Supply Co. (Auburn) 
Worcester Pastoral Counseling Center 
Worcester Pickle Co. 
Worcester Plaza 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Washburn Shop 
Worcester Pressed Aluminum (missing 2/2017)
Worcester Pressed Steel Co. 
Worcester Property Owners Assn. (missing 2/2017)
Worcester Public Library - see Public Library
Worcester Quality Foods, Inc.
Worcester Redevelopment Authority 
Worcester Regional Retardation Center 
Worcester Regional Transit Authority 
Worcester Rubbish Removal Assn. 
Worcester Sales Executive Club 
Worcester Secure Treatment Unit - see Youth Detention Center 
Worcester (Ship) 
Worcester Shoe Co. 
Worcester Shut-In Society 
Worcester Social Project
Worcester Society of Painting Contractors 
Worcester Sound & Light Co. 
Worcester Squadron, Air Force Assn.  (missing 2/2017)
Worcester Stamp Co. 
Worcester Stamped Metal Co. 
Worcester State College 
Worcester State Hospital 
Worcester Stockbrokers Assn. 
Worcester Street Railway Co. 
Worcester Strokers
Worcester System for Affordable Health Care
Worcester Taper Pin Co. 
Worcester Tax Payers Assn. 
Worcester Telegram - see Telegram & Gazette 
Worcester Tenants Assn. - see Landlords & Tenants 
Worcester Tool & Stamping Co. 
Worcester Trade Exchange 
Worcester Traffic Assn. 
Worcester Typographic Service, Inc. 
Worcester Umbrella Manufacturing Co. 
Worcester Univercity Partnership
Worcester Valve Co. 
Worcester Vermont Assn. 
Worcester War Games Club 
Worcester Wholesale Produce Center 
Worcester Wine Club 
Worcester Woman's Club 
Worcester Women's History Project 
Worcester Women's Network 
Worcester Woolen Mills Corp. (missing 2/2017)
Worcester Woven Label Co. 
Worcester - Year in Review (missing 2/2017)
Work Systems Associates 
Workers Assistance Center 
Working Capital
Works Progress Administration - see W.P.A. 
World Federalists, U.S.A. 
World Politics Discussion Group 
World War I 
World War II 
WorldCom, Inc
Wright & Co., Inc. 
Wright Line, Div. Barry Wright Corp. 
Wright Machine CO., Inc. 
William E. Wright and Sons, Co. (Warren)
G.F. Wright Steel & Wire Co. 
Writer's Clubs 
Wyman Gordon Co. 

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